Concert 2014 AiDADUO


In 2003 Stefano Vagnini – organist, pianist, composer and poet – meets Giorgia Ragni – soprano and linguist – and since then they are an inseparable duo in art and in life. Researching, experimenting, composing, performing, inventing and producing their own projects, concerts and performances is their artistic commitment. Through the years they have been performing all over the world: Italy, U.S.A., France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, China, Spain, England, Scotland, Holland, Poland, Finland, Denmark, South Korea. Their activity is focused on promoting Modular Art: their composing methodology. In 2009 in Miami (U.S.A.) AiDADUO presented the ZOO World Modular Projects involving worldwide composers. In 2011 they were invited by the University of West Georgia – Atlanta (U.S.A.) as Artists in Residence to present their Modular Method to students and faculty through seminars, conferences, masterclass, concerts and new interdisciplinary projects. In 2012 AiDADUO presented the Facebach project in Glasgow (Scotland) at the Strathclyde Universtity.

Recording productions:
– Isola di Koch, LP for organ recorded in Notre Dame de Paris
– Nicolaus, CD oratorio for ancient instruments and 3 voices (Bongiovanni Ed.)
– Via Crucis, CD oratorio for organ, computer and choir (Falcon Valley Music Ed.)
– The Modular Method in Music, Book (Falcon Valley Music Ed.)
– Messa Picena, CD for the 2000 Jubilee (Falcon Valley Ed.)
– Salmodiesubliminali: a Book and a DVD (Campanotto Ed.)

De Revolutionibus

The Composition

De Revolutionibus is a modular composition inspired by Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory presented in his book De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium published in 1453. I combined the concept of the Sun, in the middle of everything, and the Earth and the Moon rotating in orbits with my Modular Hermeneutic: the Sun represents the perception of being, the Moon the language and the Earth represents the human action: to be, to say, to do. Man always tries to reach the absolute being but the only way to get closer to it is to put words and actions on the same direction. To do what I say and to say what I do is the real goal of my life; to walk as I talk makes me able to experience, always imperfectly, the absolute being. Words build worlds. Everything I hear or listen to makes me a different person. Small or huge changes transform my vision of the world. The world is a perfect system but the human idea of perfection is not the same. For this reason human kind works so hard to change the world: a human being wants to build his perfection! A perpetual impossible goal! The only way to change the world is to change ourselves… and our imperfect vision of reality. The composition is based on the number 3: three parts (to be, to say, to do) and each part has three compositions. Nine (3+3+3) is the number of God: the perfection, the absolute being.

Stefano Vagnini

Lista utworów / Tracklist

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1. In Medio Vero Omnium
2. Ostinato
3. Residet Sol
4. Serenata
5. Micrologos
6. Casta D
7. Improvvisazione
8. In The Garden
9. The Gothic Dream